Offers at The Enchanted Way

5 Stamford or HEM incense sticks or cones for £5, 5 fragrance oils for £5, 3 simmering granules for £5!

- Buy 4 fragrance oils for £5, and get one free!

- Buy 4 Stamford or Hem incense cones or sticks for £5, and get one free!

- Buy 2 packs of simmering granules for £3.98 and get another for only £1.02!

Click on the links below to add them to your order*. If you have any preference of fragrance for your free incense or fragrance oils, or your reduced simmering granules, drop us a note via the contact form or email address and let us know your choices.

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* Free or reduced-price items will only be sent out if orders meet requirements; if the required number of full priced items have not been ordered, free or reduced price items will be removed from your order and not sent out.

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